Aerial view of Hotel Alte Post in Müllheim (c) photo Hotel Alte Post

Hotel Alte Post

"Tradition and Vision in Harmony with Nature"

Müllheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

About the Hotel

Surrounded by sun-kissed vineyards, the finest Baden wines, and nestled in fertile nature. Switzerland and France just around the corner. A place of joie de vivre, indulgence, and sustainability. The mighty Rhine just a stone's throw away, and situated at the foothills of the Black Forest. Committed to ecology, from the materials used to the culinary offerings. Here, tradition and vision go hand in hand. Open the windows, take a deep breath, gaze out at the farmhouse garden in full bloom, and refocus on what truly matters.

Sun-swathed dining room at Hotel Alte Post in Müllheim (c) photo Hotel Alte Post
“Chekhov” double room with parquet flooring at Hotel Alte Post in Müllheim (c) photo Hotel Alte Post
Carpaccio with toast and chanterelles at Hotel Alte Post in Müllheim (c) photo Hotel Alte Post
Garden patio of Hotel Alte Post with two aperitif glasses on a wooden table (c) photo Hotel Alte Post

Hotel Alte Post - committed to sustainability long before it became fashionable

The accolade as “Germany's First Environmental Hotel“ in the early 1990s testifies to the pioneering spirit of this family-run, eco-friendly hotel in the Black Forest, originally built in 1745. Whether it's the eco-friendly materials used in over 50 rooms or the ingredients sourced for the culinary creations of Executive Chefs Christoph Dees & Nicolas Volk, sustainability is a top priority here. The provenance of all products is traceable, and the host family, the Macks, know their local producers by name. An integral part of this beautiful region, the Alte Post seamlessly blends tradition with visionary foresight. Black Forest hospitality that is down-to-earth, warm, and enduringly sustainable.

Partially ivy-covered facade of Hotel Alte Post in Müllheim at dusk (c) photo Hotel Alte Post
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Alte Post
Posthalterweg / An der B3
79379 Müllheim

+49 76 31 17 870

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