Aerial view of a wooden rowing boat with two people, showing lake water from dark blue to light green with gravel shades close to the shore (c) photo Millstätter See Tourismus GmbH / Gert Perauer

Summer Lake Retreats

6 refreshing Schlosshotels by the water

The warm July breeze carries the scent of blooming meadows and freshly cut grass into the cities, whilst the heat urges us out, back to a tradition our ancestors knew and cherished: the summer retreat. In the past, city dwellers sought relaxation in the cool, pure air of the mountains and lakes, far from the noise and stifling confines. Today, in our hectic times, the longing for this kind of escape grows, for places where time seems to stand still and nature embraces us.

This summer, Schlosshotels invite you to discover the beauty and refreshing waters of the Alpine regions. Our journey leads to six unique Schlosshotels that not only exude historical charm and majestic splendor, but are also located directly on picturesque lakes, perfect for refreshing swims and quiet moments of relaxation.

From the enchanting See-Villa on Millstätter See in Austria to the elegant Seeschlössl on Wörthersee, continuing to mysterious Schloss Fernsteinsee in Tyrol. Our journey progresses to Castel Rundegg in Merano, South Tyrol, eventually ending at idyllic Schlosshotel Iglhauser on Mattsee and historic Heritage.Hotel Hallstatt on Lake Hallstatt. Each of these places has its own story to tell and offers the perfect setting for a waterside escape.

Let us leave the heat of the city behind, immerse ourselves in the crystal-clear freshness of the alpine lakes, and be enchanted by the timeless beauty and hospitality of Schlosshotels. Here, where the waves break gently along the shoreline and the mountains extend their protective arms, the soul finds peace and the heart finds rest. In the course of a summer retreat, the world awakens to new life, and our days are filled with lightness and quiet joy.

View from the Bathhouse of Hotel See-Villa over Millstätter See and the forested shoreline on the far side of the lake (c) photo Andreas Schneeberger
Teilaufnahme der Villa Tacoli vom Hotel See-Villa mit Holzbalkon und Blick auf den Millstätter See (c) Foto Andreas Schneeberger

Hotel See-Villa on Millstätter See: An Oasis of Tranquility and Elegance

The See-Villa on the shore of Millstätter See embodies the very essence of a summer retreat. Surrounded by a magnificent park, this historic Schlosshotel is set in the picturesque Carinthian countryside. Here, the elegance of past centuries meets the warm hospitality of today. The See-Villa not only offers a spectacular view of the sparkling lake but also an atmosphere that encourages deceleration and total enjoyment.

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A Culinary Highlight: The Newly Opened Restaurant "1884"

To mark the 140th anniversary of the See-Villa, the restaurant "1884" has been newly opened, impressing with its unique design and exquisite cuisine. Chef Christian Unterzaucher delights guests with a varied mix of modern international and traditional regional dishes. Highlights include freshly caught fish from the Millstätter See, game from the hotel's own hunting grounds, and herbs from their own garden. The restaurant's wine cellar offers a fine selection of wines, including exclusive vintages from the Tacoli family vineyard.

The necessity for a new restaurant building became apparent as the old dining hall from the 1950s no longer met modern standards. After four years of intensive planning with various architects, the decision was finally made to go with the Vienna-based architectural firm Albertoni. Federico Tacoli and his wife Valentina Aichelburg-Rumerskirch, who have been running the business for two years, were convinced by the design of the new addition. The look of the exterior is inspired by the domes of the 1873 World Exposition in Vienna, while the interior impresses with a successful mix of old and new design elements. Extensive use of glass brings the lake right into the building.

The Tacoli family invested over two million euros in their new restaurant "1884," which now also includes a new bar with view of the lake, a completely new kitchen, modern ventilation and filtration systems, and new sanitary facilities. The entrance to the restaurant is now on the west side, accessible from the terrace. The existing 120 outdoor seats are now complemented by an additional 120 seats inside.

Historical Charm and Modern Comforts

The See-Villa looks back on a long history that is reflected in every room. Each is uniquely furnished, with many of the furniture pieces dating back to 1884. The combination of historical charm and modern luxury ensures that guests feel completely at ease. The lovingly designed rooms and original wooden elements give the hotel a special warmth and coziness.

Pure Relaxation: Summer Retreat by the Lake

For those seeking relaxation, the See-Villa offers a comprehensive wellness program perfectly tailored to the requirements of a summer retreat. After an eventful day by the lake, guests can unwind in the sauna and steam bath in the Bathhouse. A refreshing dip in Lake Millstatt, with its crystal-clear water cooling you down on a summer’s day, provides pure relaxation and relief from the heat.

The expansive park with 200 meters of shoreline features numerous secluded spots where guests can let their souls unwind completely. On the broad lawns, surrounded by ancient trees and fragrant flowers, visitors find the ideal balance between activity and relaxation. Direct lake access allows for spontaneous swims and water sports activities, making a stay at the See-Villa unforgettable.

The See-Villa on Millstätter See is more than just a hotel – it is a retreat where the beauty of nature and the elegance of history blend into a memorable whole. Here, where the tradition of the summer retreat is reinterpreted, guests experience the ultimate symbiosis of nature, recreation, and enjoyment.

View from the Bathhouse of the turquoise waters next to the shore and spacious lawns all the way up to Seeschlössl Velden (c) photo Seeschlössl Velden

Seeschlössl Velden: Luxurious Summer Retreats on Wörthersee

Seeschlössl Velden, picturesquely situated on the shores of Wörthersee, offers an exclusive vacation experience. Here, nestled in a regal park, history and nature merge into a unique oasis of tranquility and enjoyment. With its broad lawns, this luxurious retreat offers a breathtaking view of the turquoise lake and the surrounding mountains. The cozy terrace and the romantic Bathhouse serve as the perfect setting to enjoy the summer in all its glory.

A stay at Seeschlössl Velden is like a journey to another time. The serene terrace invites you to unwind over a cool drink, while the gentle sound of water and the chirping of birds create a soothing melody. The spacious garden, with its shade trees and abundance of flowers, is the perfect spot to recharge amidst nature. The romantic Bathhouse on a private beach offers an exclusive backdrop for unforgettable summertime moments.

Historical Elegance and Modern Luxury

For over 100 years, the Seeschlössl has stood majestically on the shores of Wörthersee, recounting the stories of a splendid past. Originally built as a summer residence for Rittmeister Carl Littmann, the estate was transformed to its full glory around the turn of the century. Master builder Anton Bulfon is credited with this architectural masterpiece, constructed according to plans drawn up by architect Amadeo Marchetti. With its unique style, characterized by projections, bay windows, terraces, and turrets, the Seeschlössl is a symbol of timeless elegance.

A Gem of Wörthersee Architecture

The "English floor plan" of the Seeschlössl, with a central hall that defines the stately furnished rooms, gives the house its incomparable charm. The exterior architecture, with its picturesque accents, highlights special features and makes the Seeschlössl a veritable landmark of Wörthersee architecture. The history and historic flair of the house are evident in every detail, inviting guests to become part of this unique atmosphere.

Pure Relaxation: The Private Beach

One highlight of the Seeschlössl is its exclusive private beach, stretching along the 60-meter shoreline. Here, you can relax on comfortable loungers in the garden or the picturesque Bathhouse. The Bathhouse, built of wood and lovingly restored, provides a unique backdrop for restful hours right by the water. A small boat dock is also available, giving you the opportunity to explore Wörthersee from out on the water.

Seeschlössl Velden is a place where you can leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and immerse yourself in a world of tranquility and elegance. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of your surroundings and the warm hospitality of the Bulfon family, experiencing unforgettable moments on the shores of Wörthersee.

Schloss Fernsteinsee surrounded by forest, next to it Hotel Fernsteinsee, in the foreground the shimmering, green water of Fernsteinsee (c) photo Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee
Sun terrace with a row of green loungers, behind which is an oriel with a spire (c) photo Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee

Schloss Fernsteinsee: Majestic Summer Retreat in the Tyrolean Alps

Schloss Fernsteinsee, majestically perched above the lake of the same name, is a true gem in the Tyrolean Alps. Here, amidst untouched nature and surrounded by historic walls, guests experience a unique blend of history, luxury, and natural beauty. The fresh mountain air, the quiet forests, and the clear waters provide a perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. The lovingly and lavishly designed castle, hotel, and villa invite guests to enjoy the summer retreat in its purest form.

The emerald-green Fernsteinsee itself is a place of tranquility and inspiration. Sunbeams dance on the water's surface, while the surrounding forests and mountains create an atmosphere of comfort and serenity.

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Exclusive Bathing Pleasures on a Private Lake

One particular highlight of Schloss Fernsteinsee is the private access it affords to the two lakes of the nature resort. Fernsteinsee and Samarangersee offer crystal-clear water and romantic islands that invite you to swim and boat. Thanks to the complimentary boats, guests are able to explore the lakes and experience the untouched countryside from a whole new perspective. The sunbathing lawns on the lakeshore provide cozy spots for sunbathing and relaxation, far removed from the hectic outside world.

Historic Charm and Royal Stories

Schloss Fernsteinsee boasts a rich history dating back to the 12th century. The castle is especially renowned for its royal guests, including King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who chose it as his favorite getaway destination. The historic walls, the magnificent Renaissance bridge, and the royal suite tell tales of bygone eras and invite guests to immerse themselves in history completely. Visitors can walk in the footsteps of Emperor Maximilian and Empress Maria Theresa, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the castle.

Hiking in Untouched Nature

The surroundings of Schloss Fernsteinsee offer numerous hiking trails that lead through quiet forests and alongside clear mountain streams. One special attraction is the old Roman road, which passes directly beneath the castle. These historic pathways not only provide breathtaking views but also offer insights into the region's intriguing history. For the adventurous-at-heart, there are also more challenging routes that lead up to the summit of the Zugspitze, where magnificent panoramas await.

Part of the outdoor pool of Hotel Castel Rundegg with brown loungers and sun umbrellas, surrounded by lush vegetation, shady trees and shrubs (c) photo Hotel Castel Rundegg

Summer Retreat and Relaxation in the Heart of Merano

In the heart of the Alpine-Mediterranean city of Merano, Castel Rundegg towers majestically amid the surrounding gardens and mountain landscapes. This historic estate, dating back to 1154, offers a harmonious blend of noble elegance and contemporary comfort. The expansive castle garden invites you to linger, whilst, not a lake in this case, but rather the inviting outdoor pool provides a refreshing escape. At Castel Rundegg, guests find an oasis of tranquility and well-being, perfect for a break from everyday life. Here, where palm trees and snow-capped mountains meet, you can experience a summer retreat in its most beautiful form.

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A Pool with a View

The 17-meter-long outdoor pool at Castel Rundegg is a true haven of relaxation. Nestled in the lush greenery of the castle garden, it offers not only refreshment but also a breathtaking view of the surrounding Texel mountains. Here, guests can swim in crystal-clear water, relax on the sun loungers, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The whirlpool bench in the pool itself provides for further relaxation, allowing you forget the bustling outside world completely.

Historical Charm and Modern Comfort

Castel Rundegg is more than just a hotel; it is a testament to bygone eras that offers guests modern comfort. The spacious suites and rooms, individually designed and furnished with historical furniture, radiate timeless elegance. The history of the house is evident in every detail, giving each stay its own special touch. The combination of the historical ambience and contemporary amenities makes Castel Rundegg a unique retreat indeed.

Culinary Pleasures

Yet another highlight of Castel Rundegg is its excellent cuisine, which combines regional specialties with Mediterranean influences. In the summer, guests can enjoy their dinner on the terrace, surrounded by the blooming flowers and fragrant herbs of the castle garden. The fresh ingredients come from local farmers and gardens, giving each dish a special touch. The ambiance of the castle garden makes every meal an unforgettable experience that engages all the senses.

In the foreground, Lake Mattsee with sailboats and Schlosshotel Iglhauser on the shore behind (c) photo Schlosshotel Iglhauser
Schlosshotel Iglhauser photographed from the garden side with a weeping willow, bridge, and boats in the lake in the foreground (c) photo Schlosshotel Iglhauser

Schlosshotel Iglhauser: Summer Retreat on Mattsee

Located on the shores of the idyllic Mattsee, Schlosshotel Iglhauser rises on a picturesque peninsula. The medieval walls, dating back to 1200, now house a charming and comfortable hotel that enchants guests with its blend of tradition and modern comforts. Here, where the air is filled with the scent of fresh herbs and lake breezes, summer unfolds in its most beautiful form. Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind as you enjoy the peace and beauty of this unique place to the fullest.

Exquisite Gourmet Cuisine in a Historic Setting

Schlosshotel Iglhauser delights with its award-winning gourmet cuisine, served in the former castle brewery. Fresh fish from the hotel's own stock, products from farms employing near-natural practices, and homegrown herbs form the basis of the delicious dishes, prepared according to traditional recipes from Salzburg kitchen gardens. Enjoy the fine meals in one of the old parlors or in the beautiful guest garden with a view of Mattsee. The house's wine cellar offers an impressive selection of exquisite vintages, perfectly complementing each meal.

Recreation on Mattsee

Lake Mattsee, right at the doorstep of Schlosshotel Iglhauser, is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and relaxation seekers. Take a boat ride on the clear water, swim a few laps in the refreshing lake, or simply enjoy the view from the shore. The hotel's private beach provides a tranquil oasis where you can soak up the summer sunshine and unwind. The idyllic lakeside setting makes Schlosshotel Iglhauser the perfect place for relaxed days of summertime.

Active Holidays in Nature

The area around Mattsee invites you to engage in a wide variety of activities. Explore the picturesque landscape with a hike or bike ride along the numerous trails that wind through the gentle hills and forests. For golf fans, the nearby golf course features beautifully manicured greens and fairways, along with stunning views. After an active day out in nature, relax at Schlosshotel Iglhauser and indulge yourself in their array of culinary highlights.

Schlosshotel Iglhauser is a place where history and modernity blend harmoniously. Here, on the shores of Mattsee, you are able to experience a summer retreat in its purest form – surrounded by nature, pampered with exquisite cuisine, and enriched by the warm hospitality of the Iglhauser family. Enjoy unforgettable days on Mattsee, where every moment becomes an absolute delight.

A couple enjoying brunch on the terrace of Heritage.Hotel Hallstatt, in the background the tightly squeezed together houses of Hallstatt, the lakes and the mountains (c) photo Klaus Krumboeck

Heritage Hotel Hallstatt: A Dream on Lake Hallstatt

In the heart of the picturesque Salzkammergut region, nestled between majestic mountains and sparkling Lake Hallstatt, lies Heritage.Hotel Hallstatt. The hotel's three historic buildings tell tales of bygone times while offering modern creature comforts. Here, where the summer retreat is a cherished tradition, you will find a place of tranquility and relaxation. Experience the unique atmosphere of this UNESCO World Heritage site and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of nature.

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Historic Buildings with Modern Comforts

Heritage Hotel Hallstatt consists of three historic buildings: the main house “Kainz”, the oldest building “Stocker”, and charming Haus Seethaler. Each of them features stylish rooms with a unique view of Lake Hallstatt. These charming homes of the local bourgeoisie have been lovingly restored, combining historical elements with contemporary amenities. The individual décor of each room and the special location make your stay a truly unforgettable experience.

Discoveries Around Lake Hallstatt

The area surrounding the Heritage Hotel offers a wealth of activities and attractions. Lake Hallstatt invites you to enjoy relaxing boat trips, while the surrounding mountains provide ideal conditions for hiking and mountain biking. Visit the world's oldest show mine, Salzwelten Hallstatt, and delve into the 7,000-year-old history of salt mining. The historic Old Town of Hallstatt, with its narrow streets and charming houses, is another highlight not to be missed.

Hallstatt is renowned, not only for its impressive history, but also for its natural beauty and cultural highlights. Take a boat tour on Lake Hallstatt, explore the stunning Dachstein World Heritage Region, or enjoy the views along numerous nearby hiking trails. The unique architecture of the listed buildings and the idyllic landscape make Hallstatt one of the most beautiful places in Austria. Whether active or relaxed, here everyone is certain to find the experience that is perfect for them personally.

Evening mood with a view through the leaves of Lake Wörthersee flooded with golden yellow colors, a sailboat in the middle (c) photo Österreich Werbung / Michael Stabentheiner

The best swimming and refreshment opportunities at our summer retreat Schlosshotels: an overview

1. See-Villa, Millstätter See
Private beach on Millstätter See: Enjoy the luxury of the hotel's private beach with comfortable loungers and a picturesque view of the lake. Perfect for a refreshing swim on warm summer days.

2. Seeschlössl Velden, Wörthersee
Private beach on Wörthersee: The hotel's private beach offers direct access to the turquoise waters of Wörthersee, ideal for a refreshing dip or relaxing in the sun.

3. Schloss Fernsteinsee, Tyrol
Private Fernsteinsee: Swim in the crystal-clear waters of the private Fernsteinsee, surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery, for an absolutely unforgettable nature experience.

4. Castel Rundegg, Merano
Outdoor pool in the lush castle garden: Dive into the 17-meter-long outdoor pool, surrounded by the splendid garden of the castle, and enjoy the ultimate in relaxation.

5. Schlosshotel Iglhauser, Mattsee
Boat tour on Mattsee: Experience the refreshment of the water during a relaxing boat tour across Mattsee. Enjoy the gentle breezes and stunning views of the surrounding nature.

6. Heritage Hotel Hallstatt, Lake Hallstatt
Beaches around Lake Hallstatt: The numerous beaches offer ideal conditions for sunbathing and swimming in the clear waters of Lake Hallstatt, surrounded by the most picturesque landscapes imaginable.


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