Burg Bernstein, Burgenland

A distanced hideaway

5 nights for the price of 4 incl. breakfast and castle tour

Burg Bernstein, Burgenland, Austria

High above and far removed

Within a roofed area spanning 8000 m², Burg Bernstein accommodates up to 20 guests in total comfort.
In addition, the spacious castle gardens conceal many a hidden spot, offering an idyllic retreat whenever you wish.
Breakfast takes place either in the airy Renaissance Hall, where only 20 of the 100 seats may currently be used.
Or in the secluded castle courtyard beneath shade trees.

Garden of Burg Bernstein in springtime
Suite at Burg Bernstein, Burgenland

The offer

5 nights in a double room for the price of 4

Breakfast is served. Take your seat and relax completely, everything will come to you.
During an exclusive tour of the castle with the owner himself, you will learn all about the exciting history of both castle and family.

Price: €576 per person

This offer is valid from reopening until the end of September 2021.

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