Old black and white photo of Hotel Alte Post in Müllheim (c) Photo Hotel Alte Post

The coach halt and its history

Since 1745

In the shadow of the majestic Black Forest, in the heart of Müllheim, stands the Alte Post, a place where time seems to have stood still since 1745. This historic building, once a vital waystation for coaches, tells the story of an era when travelers from all corners of Europe stopped here to rest, exchange stories, and momentarily forget the hardships of their long journeys.

If the walls of the Alte Post could talk, they would speak of the centuries of history which they have witnessed. They would tell of the stagecoaches that stopped here to tend to their weary horses while their passengers found refuge within these walls. Emperors, margraves, and poets have left their traces here over time, and every slight echo in the halls seems to whisper their tales.

 Old black and white photo of cosy club chairs in front of the open fireplace at the Hotel Alte Post in Müllheim (c) Photo Hotel Alte Post
Old black and white photo of the restaurant with square tables and striped floor in the Hotel Alte Post in Müllheim (c) Photo Hotel Alte Post

Always a favourite place to linger

One of its most famous guests was the Alemannic poet Johann Peter Hebel, who immortalized the Alte Post in his poem "Der Schwarzwälder im Breisgau." Hebel, who crossed this threshold more than once, found inspiration and tranquility here, thus becoming a part of the house's living history.

For nearly 300 years, the Alte Post has been a meeting point for people from around the world. Here, at the coach halt, the paths of merchants, nobility, and scholars crossed. They all sought, and found at the Alte Post a place of hospitality and sociability, a veritable oasis amid the uncertainties of travel. The Alte Post in Müllheim was, and continues to be more than just an inn; it is a living museum, testimony to the passage of time bridging past and present. The rooms, named after poets and thinkers who once sojourned here, serve as silent custodians of history.

At the Alte Post in Müllheim, history continues to live on, in the tales of the past and in the ongoing tradition of hospitality. Every visit becomes a journey through time, an exploration of the centuries, and a homage to life itself.

Old black and white photo of a double room with terrace in the countryside (c) Photo Hotel Alte Post in Müllheim


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