An archway decorated for a wedding leading into Burg Feistritz in Lower Austria (c) photo Burg Feistritz

Weddings at Burg Feistritz

A wedding straight out of a fairytale

Feistritz am Wechsel, Lower Austria

Wedding Celebrations at Burg Feistritz

Surrounded by a tranquil parkland filled with mature trees, shimmering ponds, and gentle streams, Burg Feistritz stands as an inspiring sanctuary for those in pursuit of the extraordinary. Just 80 km south of Vienna, the venue exudes a special celebratory charm that is unique to places with such rich histories.

For your wedding ceremony, you have choices aplenty: from the castle chapel and the sprawling castle grounds, to various other spaces ideal for exchanging vows. And when it's time to celebrate afterwards? The Knight's Hall and the Old Riding School offer the perfect ambiance for your wedding banquet and festivities. Should you have a larger guest list, the Old Riding School has the capacity to accommodate up to 150 guests.

Burg Feistritz primarily provides the wedding location and inviting guest rooms, complete with breakfast. If you are also considering an Agape, they can arrange that for you as well. Beyond that? The soon-to-be newlyweds have the freedom to craft a special day custom-tailored to their shared vision and desires.

Burg Feistritz in Feistritz am Wechsel with the castle park against a blue sky (c) photo Burg Feistritz
Round tables set with white tablecloths and floral decorations for a wedding within the ancient walls of Burg Feistritz in Feistritz am Wechsel (c) photo Burg Feistritz

Weddings at Burg Feistritz

The baroque castle chapel is Roman Catholic and able to host church weddings for up to 100 guests. For those considering a non-denominational ceremony, the romantic castle park, one of the terraces, or an elegant salon inside the castle walls are all great options. For civil ceremonies, the Knight's Hall, the park, or the Old Riding School are perfect settings.

Overnight Accommodations at Burg Feistritz

If you wish to provide your guests with overnight accommodations, the two Cavalier Houses, as well as the rooms and apartments of the castle, are available. The smallest booking unit consists of the two Cavalier Houses, each with 7 double rooms, situated right next to the Old Riding School. These houses can host up to 30 guests. For larger packages (50, 60, or 70 guests), additional rooms in the castle need to be rented. Breakfast is included.

To the left, the Old Riding School and to the right, one of the two Cavalier Houses at Burg Feistritz (c) photo Burg Feistritz

Good to know

Are non-Roman Catholic denominations welcome?
Of course, weddings from other denominations can also be organized at Burg Feistritz.

Where is the Agape hosted?
In good weather, the Agape is typically held in the castle park, but if it happens to be rainy, it will be set up on the covered terrace.

Does the castle have a restaurant?
No, Burg Feistritz doesn't have a restaurant. Your wedding banquet will have to be ordered from an external caterer.


Burg Feistritz
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2873 Feistritz am Wechsel
Lower Austria, Austria

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