Aerial view of the Gebling vineyards of the Vitikultur Moser winery in Lower Austria (c) Photo Vitikultur Moser

Anything but ordinary

Vitikultur Moser, Lower Austria and Burgenland, Austria

Vitikultur Moser und “Slow Wine”

In Austria, the name “Moser” is far from uncommon. But not so the wines produced by the Moser family in Rohrendorf. This family has been intertwined with wine for 17 generations, strong personalities have shaped their wine-growing activities in distinctive ways. Since the early 2000s, they have committed themselves to biodynamic agricultural practices. For the Mosers, cultivating their wines up to Demeter standards is simply a part of their family culture, open-hearted, full of respect for life itself. The vines for their wines put down roots in Kremstal as well as on Neusiedlersee. And so it is that they produce very traditional wines with an abundance of personality and vivacity. Nikolaus, daughter Kathi and her husband Jan, merely guide this playfulness, allowing the wines their individuality, thereby celebrating the autonomy of the moment.

In viticulture, everything melds. The past, the present, and the future. This idea is likewise the foundation for the new design of the wine estate. Modern, no superfluous frills, a wish simply to be who you truly are. Moser is viticulture, viticulture is Moser.

Different coloured wine glasses, autumn leaves and green grapes on steps and on the base of a column at the Vitikultur Moser winery in Rohrendorf (c) Photo Vitikultur Moser
Four members from two generations of the Moser family, each standing at a pillar, the photograph in depth makes them appear to be lined up one behind the other (c) Photo Vitikultur Moser

Vom Spaß zur Freude - Gutsreserven statt Jungwein

Kultur gewinnt mit Reife. Dies hat auch beim Wein seine Gültigkeit. Wein, dem die Zeit für Entstehung und Reifung gegönnt wird, sollte nicht zu jung getrunken werden. Deshalb hat die Familie Moser beschlossen, einen Teil des Rieslings 2019 aus der bekanntesten Lage des Kremstals, dem Gebling, erst im Frühjahr 2024 als Gutsreserve in Verkauf zu bringen. Dieser Wein wurde vom renommierten WineEnthusiast im Jahr 2021 in die Top 100 Cellar Selection Of The Year gekürt. Jetzt bringt er seinen einzigartigen Charakter besonders eindrucksvoll zum Ausdruck.


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