Old, wood-paneled lounge with fireplace at Ansitz Heufler in South Tyrol (c) photo KonistudiosHeufler

Lounge bar and lounges at Ansitz Heufler

Rasen-Antholz, South Tyrol, Italy

Beautiful Cocktails and Fine Wines at Ansitz Heufler

At Ansitz Heufler, an exclusive lounge bar and cozy lounges invite you to enjoy moments of total relaxation. In the former smokehouse of this magical retreat in Rasen-Antholz, you are greeted by a unique combination of ancient and modern. Amid centuries-old stone walls and rustic wooden beams, you can choose from an excellent selection of outstanding wines and refined cocktails.

Selection of cold delicacies from the region, including cheese, at Ansitz Heufler in South Tyrol (c) photo Konistudios

Sausage, ham and cheese specialties from the region

Served on cutting boards, fine cheeses and delectable cold cuts with authentic aromas of the region promise your palate a true treat. The cozy atmosphere, including a fireplace and background music, allow you to forget the outside world completely. The lounge bar and dining rooms of Ansitz Heufler deliver complete relaxation and pure enjoyment.

Cutting board with sausage and cheese specialties as well as walnuts, along with bread and olives as well as a glass of red wine (c) photo Konistudios

Good to know

Does Ansitz Heufler also have a restaurant?
No. But in the lounge bar, small items are served in the form of cold platters.

Can I also spend the night at Ansitz Heufler?
Yes. Ansitz Heufler features 10 rooms and suites.

What else should I know?
Be sure to take a look at the "Hearnstube" with its magnificent wooden inlays and valuable antique stove. It is one of the most beautiful, fully preserved Renaissance lounges in the entire Alpine region.


Lounge Bar and Lounges at Ansitz Heufler
Antholzer Talstrasse 24
39030 Rasen-Antholz
South Tyrol, Italy

+39 04 74 79 02 00




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