Sustainable holidays at Schlosshotel Thannegg

OEko Schlosshotel Thannegg Historischer Rittersaal Romantik SuiteThe environment loves it when things turn romantic. After extensive renovations and implementation of ingenious concepts, eco-friendly Hotel Thannegg in Styria is proud to announce: Kyoto goal achieved! With now more than 80-percent energy savings inside these medieval, historically listed walls.

No easy task: The 850-year-old walls of idyllic Schlosshotel Thannegg in Gröbming, Styria, date back to a time when sustainability simply wasn’t an issue. Which makes the exemplary commitment of owners Ernst und Gerlinde Schrempf to transform this defiant building with its stout tower into a comfortable and yet eco-friendly residence, into a stylish hideaway with a green conscience, even more remarkable. For their dedication, these castle hosts were recipients of the “energy globe-award”, the premier environmental prize given out by the Province of Styria.

In fact, they began 20 years ago to put to use the heat emitted by the cold-storage room as well as waste water from baths, showers and the laundry. Further improvements would follow, until they achieved a major milestone with installation of a high-tech groundwater heat pump: With the result that this castle hotel now uses only around one quarter of the amount of energy typical for a 18-room hotel. Every year, they save some 60 tons of CO2, thereby far exceeding the Kyoto target. In the romantic guest rooms with natural wood flooring, temperatures are kept warm and snug, not least because of top-rated heat insulation in the roof as well as 1800 m² of wall- and underfloor heating. In addition to that, thick logs of beech wood crackle inside magnificent tile stoves, as well as in the open fireplace in the Knights’ Hall.

Incidentally: In February 2012, Schlosshotel Thannegg was also certified as the world’s first “Solar Hotel”. This refers to the trademark “Solar (R)”, which was made available by the trademark holder to the Technical University of Munich for the purposes of an eco-quality offensive which the University is spearheading.

Schlosshotel Thannegg, Schrempf family, Schlossweg 1, 8962 Gröbming, Austria, Tel.: +43 36 85 23 21 00, [email protected]