Hotel GMACHL: a 685-year tradition of hospitality

Romantik Hotel GMACHL: traditionell von außen, modernisiert von innen

From the former “Gut und Taferne” in Elixhausen to a charming upscale hotel

Owned by the Gmachl family since 1334, this property north of Salzburg City celebrates its 685th anniversary in 2019.

View of the historic inn
View of the historic inn

Tradition and innovation have shaped the philosophy of today’s 4-star-superior hotel from the very beginning. 14 years ago, the reins of the hotel were passed on to the 23rd generation: Michaela Hirnböck-Gmachl, together with the entire GMACHL team, demonstrates how living traditions and modern luxury can be charmingly united. Thanks to her three children Theresa, Katharina and Paul, not only is the “trilogy of happiness” complete, but the future of Austria’s oldest family establishment is also assured. The estate out of which Romantik Hotel GMACHL grew was first mentioned in the year 1334 as the “Gut und Taferne zu Elixhausen”. Back then, the Habsburgs ruled over Austria. Another 158 years would pass until Columbus first set foot on land in the Americas.

Documents tell us that the first owner of the Taferne was a certain Georg – his surname was not given. Georg lived at the tavern and collected taxes from the local peasantry on behalf of Nonnberg Abbey. At that time, taxes consisted of grain, meat and lard. It was not until 1470 that a surname first appeared: Elixhauser, associated with a thriving livestock business, a butcher’s as well as a farm. This made the family one of the most prominent in the region, explaining why they came to be named after their home town. That Taferne would ultimately become the hotel we know today. Theresia Elixhauser married innkeeper and butcher Johann Georg Gmachl in 1787, from whom Romantik Hotel GMACHL derives its name.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Gmachls has always been legendary. So it was in 1798, for example, that Michael Gmachl donated land and money so that the church in Elixhausen could be expanded. Church festivals brought people to Elixhausen, which brought them in turn to Gasthof Gmachl. The great-great-grandfather of senior owner Fritz Gmachl established the Raiffeisenkasse in Elixhausen as well as the volunteer fire brigade. Furthermore, the GMACHL has always been an important institution in Elixhausen in its own right. In fact, the elementary school was actually housed here for a time.

Tradition coupled with all the modern comforts

Infinity pool with panoramic views in the spacious spa area of the hotel
Infinity pool with panoramic views in the spacious spa area of the hotel

Since completion of the impressive remodeling and expansion of the hotel in 2009, guests of Romantik Hotel GMACHL now have 70 rooms and suites, both modern and traditional, available to them, meeting their every expectation with respect to contemporary comforts. The 1500 m² GMACHL panorama spa “Horizon” with infinity pool, sauna area, separate ladies’ spa, activity program and fitness room, also affords breathtaking views of the surrounding alpine landscapes.

The GMACHL toque-awarded restaurant adds the crowning glory to any stay, with traditional dishes prepared from fresh regional products and ingredients from their own butcher’s shop. Despite its size, Romantik Hotel GMACHL successfully preserves its family-style atmosphere: wellness, enjoyment and comfort combined with deeply rooted Austrian sincerity and hospitality.

A family business with an impressive history such as that of Romantik Hotel GMACHL has always planned and thought in terms of generations. Although modernity has long since arrived at Romantik Hotel GMACHL, the host family swears by traditional approaches in how they treat their guests and employees. “We see preservation of our values as an impulse for our innovative spirit”, the Hirnböck-Gmachl family explains. Hardly any wonder, then, that this 4-star refuge has received numerous awards for precisely that: “Best for People”, “Leaders of the Year Award”, “Heritage & Hospitality Award”…

More information about Romantik Hotel GMACHL can be found here as well as on the hotel’s own website