Julius in der Pfalz

Hainfeld - Rhineland-Palatinate - Germany

This ancient and very large wine estate in Hainfeld, in the heart of the “Southern Wine Road” region, the Tuscany of Germany, was converted into a very distinctive location, now also offering high-quality apartments along with a small vinothèque, cooking workshop, sauna in the vaulted cellar, and two gardens.

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Where guests become friends

“Julius in der Pfalz” is a very old, former wine estate in Hainfeld, with the year 1710 proudly displayed above a gate. So, where does the name come from? In the middle of the Ruhrgebiet, in Herne, H. Julius Meimberg has personally run the “Julius Meimberg” wine shop since 1986, and is the fourth generation of his family to do so. For more than 20 years, he has also been head chef of an event restaurant in the same town by the name of “Julius”. And so, there is one Julius in Herne and another in the Pfalz region. “Julius in der Pfalz” is a new project and passionate focus in the lives of Ulrike and Hartmut Julius Meimberg. Both love their role as hosts, which is why they decided to build a small, distinctive apartment hotel in the Southern Palatinate. Since October 2012, they have offered guests the opportunity to “Stay with Friends”. Other highlights include cooking courses, “Terroir Hikes” through the vineyards, wine tastings, winery visits and a wide selection of packages… as well as, of course, their very popular wine dinners with top companion vintages. Incidentally: Julius cooks himself, his style a fusion of Mediterranean and Palatine cuisine, along with wines mainly from the Palatinate itself.

Event Restaurant

The Cooking Workshop (for up to 16 people) is an event space for cooking and dining. Cooking courses and seminars are also held here. The small-group cooking courses are intended to be fun, and provide creative inspiration for the home kitchen. The cooking course begins with a glass of champagne or wine, and an amuse-gueule. Afterwards, the individual dishes, incl. all stocks and sauces, are prepared, with participants assisting as needed. After about two-and-a-half hours, the communal dinner gets underway, accompanied by perfectly matched wines. The reception area as well as a small shop can be found in the former servants’ quarters. Here, guests can shop for foods to cook at home and enjoy sampling a wine or two.


  • Julius in der Pfalz, Hainfeld
  • Julius in der Pfalz
  • Julius in der Pfalz, Landauer Weintage

Hambacher Schloss, Villa Ludwigshöhe, Speyer and its UNESCO World Heritage-listed “Imperial” cathedral, Villa Musica, Palatine Forest-Nordvogesen Biosphere Reserve, Southern Wine Road, Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, Edenkoben, Landau, hiking, golf

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Julius in der Pfalz
Weyherer Strasse 6
76835 Hainfeld

Tel. +49 63 23 91 38 755
Fax +49 63 23 91 38 754

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