Photo: Hotel Elizabeth, Trencin – Slovakia

Imperial-and-royal journey through time:

from the Czech Republic via Slovakia to Hungary

Today, we wish to invite you to join us for an imperial-and-royal journey back in time through our neighboring countries. There is much here to remind us of our shared past, with countless indications of our former unity in the days of the Habsburgs.

Let us begin our travels through the former Crown Lands with our northern neighbor, the Czech Republic. More precisely, in the beautiful Bohemian Forest, home to such resonant names as Marienbad and Cesky Krumlov. Actually, the Bohemian Forest is one of the oldest mountain ranges in Central Europe. Hard to imagine that the beautiful hilly countryside here, where the borders of Upper Austria-Germany-Czech Republic meet, used to boast mountains 300 million years ago that were every bit as high as the Alps themselves! Centuries-old ancient forests, crystal-clear glacial lakes and mysterious moorland areas make the Bohemian Forest a region filled with poetry, one that inspired authors and composers such as Adalbert Stifter and Carl Maria von Weber.

Wellness Schlosshotel Vetrov, one of the oldest castles in the Czech Republic, is located in Krasna u Ase and is a well-hidden jewel. Surrounded by a large, peaceful 15 ha nature park, fragrant gardens and five beautiful ponds, this house provides an ideal backdrop for absolute relaxation and regeneration.

Hotel Schloss Vetrov in Krasna u Ase

Fans of magnificent houses in an urban setting are certain to feel right at home at luxurious Schlosshotel Rübezahl. This fairytale castle is located in Marienbad, a spa town famous for its healing springs, greeting guests with offers that focus on wellness, golf as well as fine dining.

Hotel Rübezahl in Marienbad

Rübezahl Marienbad Luxury Historical Castle Hotel & Golf in Marianske Lazne

Our journey now leads us to the southern Bohemian Forest where, on the one hand, we are greeted by a castle hotel, and on the other, a hotel in the historic district. At Schlosshotel Zamek Zdikov, just a few kilometers away from Sumava National Park, you can enjoy a country holiday that would befit royalty, accompanied by all the highlights of the Bohemian Forest itself.

Schlosshotel Zamek Zdikov in Zdikov

Altstadthotel Konvice – known in German as the “zur Kanne” – lies in the heart of Cesky Krumlov (“Krumau” in German, derived from “krumme Au”, referencing the river bend upon which the city stands), offering an ideal base from which to set out on foot to explore the Old City, listed by UNESCO as a cultural monument and flanked by the Vltava.

Altstadt Hotel Konvice in Cesky Krumlov, Tschechien

Altstadthotel Konvice in Cesky Krumlov

Journeying in the footsteps of Sisi, we now head to neighboring Slovakia. There, in the beautiful city of Trencin, one of the empress’s admirers had the extremely impressive Hotel Elizabeth built in 1902. Designed in the style of a grand hotel, this building quickly became a hub of the city’s social and cultural scene and a popular gathering spot for nobility. The hotel terrace and restaurant provide a clear view of the unique, almost 2000-years-old Roman inscription carved into the castle rock.

View of Trencin with its castle and Hotel Elizabeth

And we continue, now to Slovakia, where, not far from the River Danube and the Hungarian border, we come to feudal Hotel Château Béla. The generously dimensioned and quite exquisite Baroque castle is surrounded by an English-style park and three ponds, where you will discover a garden filled with flowers, herbs and vegetables. But that is far from all: Winegrowing also looks back on a long tradition here! Today, the Rieslings and Cabernet Sauvignons produced here are amongst the country’s best. These, along with so-called “straw-” and “ice wines” may be purchased locally at winery-direct prices.

Hotel Château Béla in Belá

Our next, and simultaneously final leg takes us across the Danube into neighboring Hungary where, just 15 km south of Neusiedler See, a perfectly renovated castle hotel bids us welcome: Schlosshotel Szidónia in the idyllic small town of Röjtökmuzsaj. This lovingly restored castle from the 18th century is a model of how one can build a bridge from the past to the present and into the future, providing a beautiful retreat for discerning guests.

Schlosshotel Szidonia in Röjtökmuzsaj