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Weddings at Schloss Schönau

Castle weddings south of Vienna

Schönau an der Triesting, Lower Austria

Weddings at Schloss Schönau near Vienna

Situated in Schönau an der Triesting, approximately 25 km south of Vienna, Schloss Schönau offers one of the most romantic venues for weddings and celebrations imaginable. While easily accessible, the location retains a sense of seclusion. Here, you can customize your wedding or celebration based on your preferences and the size of your party, either within the rooms of the Schloss or in a luxurious canvas tent set up in the expansive 30-hectare private park.

Quality is the foremost priority for your hosts. From planning to execution, the seasoned team at Schloss Schönau is committed to providing top-tier service, facilities, and guidance. They are always right there at your side, ensuring your wedding unfolds flawlessly.

Bridal couple with pond and Schloss Schönau in the background, Schönau an der Triesting
Evening wedding celebration by candlelight in the courtyard of Schloss Schönau south of Vienna (c) photo 2022 Schnuhz Photography

Rose garden, marquee, courtyard, wine cellar

The premises in and around Schloss Schönau offer all the possibilities you could imagine for the most beautiful day of your life, from the preparation of the bridal couple, to the reception followed by the ceremony, agape, dinner, cake cutting, and dancing. Every spot is special: the rose garden with a view of the Schloss beyond the pond, the ballroom with star-parquet flooring, the courtyard, the sailcloth marquee in the castle park, the Temple of the Night, the Pinakothek, the Refuge, and the historical wine cellar.

The expansive estate, with its fairytale castle, picturesque pond, historical bridges over romantic water courses, and ancient trees, also guarantees the perfect backdrop for beautiful wedding photos.

Schloss Schönau with pond and rowing boat in Schönau an der Triesting in Lower Austria (c) photo www.christianbeham.at

Wedding Ceremonies at Schloss Schönau

For the ceremony itself, the Schloss team recommends either the romantic rose garden, the beautiful inner courtyard, the park grounds, the banquet hall, or the Temple of the Night.

Overnight Accommodations at Schloss Schönau and the Hunting Lodge

The Schloss and its Hunting Lodge offer ten exclusively furnished suites and apartments to accommodate the bridal couple and their guests on site. The hotel team is, of course, more than happy to assist you with booking additional hotels in the immediate area.

Large ballroom with piano and parquet flooring in Schloss Schönau south of Vienna (c) photo www.christianbeham.at
Courtyard of Schloss Schönau in Schönau an der Triesting, south of Vienna (c) photo www.christianbeham.at

Good to know

Can I reserve the entire estate exclusively for my wedding or event?
On the day of your event, no other functions will be taking place at the estate. If you also book the apartments at the Hunting Lodge in addition to the suites in the Schloss, no other guests will be on the property at all.

What are marquee sailcloth tents?
These are luxurious tents crafted from patented sailcloth, hand-made in California. The high-tech fabric is waterproof, wind-resistant, and fire-retardant, but still allows a generous amount of daylight to filter through. The transparent, roll-up side walls mean the tents can be used in both sunny, warm weather as well as in wind and less favorable conditions. During the day, they let in natural light, and in the evening, strings of fairy lights give them a uniquely magical ambiance.

What is the Temple of the Night?
The Temple of the Night, woven in legend, is a source of fascination, especially for those who are drawn to mysticism. It is a garden grotto that leads through an underground labyrinth – symbolizing the "Path of Life" – and opens up into a central temple chamber.


Schloss Schönau
Kirchengasse 18
2525 Schönau an der Triesting
Lower Austria, Austria

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25 km südlich der Wiener Stadtgrenze
an der A2 zwischen Wien und Wiener Neustadt gelegen
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