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Boutique Hotel Zum Oberjäger in Lackenbach

Boutique Hotel
Zum Oberjäger

"Hunting history in Blaufränkischland"

Burgenland, Austria

A collection of
historic hotels +
creative minds

The Hotel

The untreated wall like a roadmap; next to it, sketches of butterflies. Finely corded fabric against your skin. Walk down the wooden stairs and step out onto a broad square. Smell the nearby forest. A sleeping cat in the sun. On the spur of the moment, head out, cutting across the countryside. Branches in your face, twigs cracking beneath your feet, farther and farther. Until a clearing calms your breathing, soft ground embraces you. The way back is a slow one.

Walk across time

Modern elements reflect the garden, nature, botany and the hunt


Breadth, space and freedom




Family estate



Type of Hotel

Boutique hotel




€ 149 to € 329

Boutique Hotel Zum Oberjäger in Lackenbach
Boutique Hotel Zum Oberjäger in Lackenbach

Thirteen spacious rooms, each individually designed. In doing so, Viennese design studio ‘Polka’ playfully interwove historical and contemporary influences, inspired by local fauna and flora. The Green Salon is the centerpiece of the Oberjäger, inviting guests to partake in a 5-course breakfast menu and languid evenings over drinks enjoyed on the sun terrace.

Boutique Hotel Zum Oberjäger in Lackenbach

In a nutshell

13 rooms and suites, Green Salon, Cooking Salon, 5-course breakfast menu, homegrown products, sauna, 24-hectare park grounds, seminar rooms, bike rentals, picnics in the castle park, museum, summer & winter, pets welcome.

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The Gallery

The Location

Boutique Hotel Zum Oberjäger
Schlosspark Lackenbach
Schloss 1
7322 Lackenbach

+43 26 19 86 26 26


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PS: Extend walks through the park grounds included.