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Weddings & Celebrations

Topics & Offers - Weddings & Celebrations

Hotel Bernstein Castle - Burgenland - Austria
Weddings & Special Occasions at Burg Bernstein

At Burg Bernstein, weddings look back on a long tradition. We don't only hold big celebrations within our own family, though, we also make this wonderful place available to all those wanting to host a wonderful special occasion. Anyone who truly appreciates a beautiful location such as this is always welcome here. With our experience, your celebration is bound to be an unforgettable experience.

Villa Astra - Croatia - Neighboring countries
Dream wedding in Villa Astra

Celebrate with us the most important day of your life in the beautiful surroundings of Villa Astra. An elegant, spacious villa represents a perfect example of Venetian Gothic. It is surrounded with attractive green garden and has a direct access to the beautiful seaside promenade "Lungomare".

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New Members

New places to meet in comfortable surroundings and a well-being feeling.

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Rent out a Castle

With Castle Hotels & Mansions, you are not only able to spend exceptional vacations, you can also temporarily rent out castles, palaces and historic mansions for your own exclusive use.

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Art & Pleasure

Dive into the art hotel and its 250 years of history and experience a very special art of life. 2...

Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser